Use A Marine Stereo In Your Off Road Vehicle

Marine stereos aren’t just for boats. Fortunately, marine stereos are the same as other 12 volt mobile stereo systems so they will work just fine in other types of vehicles. That is good news for various off road and open vehicle owners who are concerned that their audio systems might get wet or they are concerned about the humidity and condensation that can take place when exposed to the elements.

Some marine stereos are completely waterproof and others are not. It is important to know the difference so that you can choose which one is right for your vehicle. Why would you want a marine stereo that is not waterproof? Well, all marine stereos have coated circuitry that helps prevent corrosion caused by humidity and salt air. They also have UV resistance so they don’t break down under extended exposure to sunlight. That will work great for many situations where you are relatively sure that the stereo won’t get wet. If you think it might get rained on directly, then you should go for the waterproof model that is completely sealed.

Stereo Removal

You have just purchased a fancy new car stereo and a new set of speakers, and are looking forward to installing them yourself. Doing the installation by yourself all depends on your confidence and how you feel around the electronic equipment and tools. If you are the kind that turns green at the though of prying-panels off the dashboard of your car, or change fuses in the fuse-box, then you may consider leaving it to the experts.

Removing a car stereo may seem such a daunting task, but if you are the type of person that does not feel fully dressed without a digital multi-meter in your pocket, then it will be quite simple for you. Regardless of the model of the car you are driving, you will only require simple tools, little knowledge and some spare time. The following is a step by step guide that explains exactly what you need to do. It is imperative to note that not all car stereos have the same installation procedures, therefore, refer to your car’s model specific maintenance manual for the specific instructions.

Step 1
The first step in removing a car stereo is to gather all the necessary tools you will require. You may need to gather your flat-head screwdriver, wire strippers, pliers and other specific tools called for in the instructions that come with the stereo. Next, disconnect and isolate the negative cable from the battery of your car. This is very important for your safety as well as that of your equipment.

Step 2
The next step is to remove the faceplate of the old car stereo. This is the plastic decorative shell installed around the radio. Car models attach the faceplate in a different manner from others. The installation of the radio in a snapping manner into the dashboard is one of the most common methods used. To remove it, you need to slide the flat-head screwdriver’s tip in between the dashboard and the faceplate, and gently pry it off. Be very careful not to apply too much force or you may break the faceplate.

The faceplate may in some cases, be secured using bolts or screws that you have to find and remove. These are usually hidden, finding them can be such a tricky task. Once you have removed the faceplate, you are ready for the next step.

Step 3
Once the faceplate is off, the next step is remove the screws that hold the car stereo in place. These screws are usually on both sides; right and left of your stereo. Be cautious so as not to lose the screws while removing them. You may need them later when installing a new one. Slide the radio stereo out carefully once you have all the screws out. Ensure that you do not pull out too hard or the electrical connections on the back of the radio may be damaged.

Step 4
The final step is to disconnect the electrical connections. The multicolored wires that you see at the back of the stereo are the electrical connections. They are connected with plastic connectors in most cases that may have small tabs on either side and will need prying to disconnect. You will also have to disconnect the antennae gently by pulling it out. You are now ready to install your new radio stereo.

Stereo Install How-To

Want to upgrade your current car stereo system with a better model? Well, it’s a slightly challenging affair, but you needn’t worry as we are going to show you how to do it like a pro in no time. Read the following guide.

How to Install a Car Stereo System

Basic Tools

*Wire Stripper/Crimper
*Wire Cutters
*Screwdrivers (flat head and Philips head)
*Electrical Tape
*Socket Wrench

Please note that what you’ll need and the steps required will vary from the stereo units and the type of vehicle.

Step One: Getting Prepared
First things first; the most important thing to consider while installing a new music system is to purchase a unit that fits properly in the existing slot of your vehicle. Also important, have a radio mounting kit and wiring harness handy.

Step Two: Unplug the battery
The next thing is to unplug the negative wire from the battery so you are completely safe from electric shock while working to remove the old system. Even if the car is switched off, it is still dangerous to touch any electrical unit without first disconnecting the battery.

Step Three: Make way
Gently remove the dashboard panel to create enough space for removing the old system. After this is done, the next thing to do is to unscrew the old panel and unplug all the wires and attachments linked to the system. Pull it out.

Step Four: Plug the new system in (If you have a suitable wire harness)
If you have a model-specific wire harness, then this step will ultimately be a breeze. Just connect the wires at the back of the new unit and plug the connector in the right slot in the new unit.

Step Five: For those who don’t have a wire harness
If you are unable to get the right harness you will have to connect each wire; manually. This is a bit hectic but still do-able as you just have to connect each wire to its rightful polarity – Connect the positive wire of the speaker to the positive slot on the stereo. Do the same with the negative wire.

Step Six: Power wires
Once the stereo and the speakers are connected, connect the negative power wire of the stereo, usually the black wire, to ground. Ultimately this connects to the negative terminal on the battery. The positive yellow wire connects to the positive terminal on the battery. The red wire connects to the ignition switch so that the stereo will turn off when the car is off. You can refer to the stereo installation manual for further clarifications.

Step Seven: Push the system in
Now that everything is attached to its rightful position, it’s time to slide the panel into its initial bracket. Slide the stereo system in (Don’t rush to screw it in just in case there is a problem and you are forced to re-check your work) and then reconnect the battery and start the car. Put in a pen drive, CD or whatever music storage device your new system can play. If the music plays and you’re satisfied, screw the panel in.

Once you’re sure everything is OK, hop in, start the engine and get with the singing! Hope we’ve answered your question on “How to install a car stereo system” to your satisfaction.